Kristina Nguyen

Hi! I am Kris short for Kristina. I’m a momtrepreneur, a total Sagittarius, a free spirit and lover of all things creative. I travel between living in two cities, Los Angeles and Garden Grove, so I cover shoots all over Southern California. I love photographing all forms of love in natural lighting. Being able to capture bursts of laughter, admiring glances, tender and candid moments are my absolute favorite especially kissed my the sun. I studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute and Ive been working as a freelance photographer with a cinematography studio before branching out into my own personal work.


Outside of photography, I am busy chasing after my crazy beautiful son.  I love how he sees the world through his little baby eyes and how it’s a constant place to explore. He’s always planning his next big move and it keeps me motivated to do the same. Being a photographer has opened many exciting and unexpected doors. The opportunity to work for myself and have that outlet to stream my creatively, keeps me staying in my happy place. I greet each morning with hope and see where the day takes me. Enjoy exploring this space and thanks for visiting!